iStar Financial has completed over $35 billion of commercial real estate investments over two decades to become one of the most experienced companies in the U.S. commercial real estate finance markets. Today, iStar is a true "one-stop" private banker to high-end commercial real estate owners in the U.S. and internationally. We are primarily an on-balance-sheet lender with a full product range of capital solutions, from senior and mezzanine real estate debt to senior and mezzanine corporate capital, to corporate net lease financing and equity.

Return on Ideas. We believe that great ideas, developed by great people, generate great returns. We focus those ideas on capturing significant market share among premiere customers representing the top tier of the $2-plus trillion commercial real estate markets. Our prudent approach to our business has historically produced measurable results: a strong balance sheet; a well-diversified portfolio; a low-leverage capital structure; deep in-house capabilities; a broad knowledge base; and a highly disciplined investment process.

DNA. iStar is also known for a strength that does not appear on the balance sheet: our continual drive at every level of the business to be a leader in our field and to build on our long-standing reputation for integrity, fairness and commitment to our customers and shareholders. These core strengths form our unique DNA, and serve as the foundation upon which we continue to build our business.